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Originally founded in Sweden the COMBISAFE products we know today evolved from the brainchild on one man; Lars-Anders Reinklou. Lars-Anders believed that edge protection as it was in early 1980’s was not sufficient to ensure the protection of those working at height in the construction industry. From his workshop in Ostersund, Sweden, Lars-Anders developed the first systemised edge protection system and those products have gone on to lead the development of innovative safety at height solutions for over thirty years. Now part of Honeywell, COMBISAFE products and systems have been featured on a number of high profile projects throughout the world, including The Shard in London, Victoria Tower in Stockholm and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

COMBISAFE products are designed to be user-friendly and cost-effective, whilst meeting the most stringent safety regulations and ultimately protecting workers and equipment from the risks associated with working at height.

COMBISAFE product range, much of which has become the benchmark for the industry, consists of fall prevention and protection solutions such as Steel Mesh Barriers and Safety Net Fans, safe access solutions such as Site Stairways and specialist scaffolding systems including UBIX® Temporary Roofing solutions.

Offering specialist advice and support, combined with an ability to engineer solutions, COMBISAFE offices are conveniently located throughout Europe, including the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Germany and the Netherlands as well as the Middle East.



Company registration

Registered as a Limited Company in Sweden

Did you know


The passion and commitment to performance standards for all COMBISAFE system solutions is legendary. In 1994, COMBISAFE hosted the first meeting of the technical committee for the European Standard for Temporary Edge Protection Systems (EN 13374) in Östersund, Sweden.

Since then, the group has provided its technical experience and support to strengthen the drafting committees

Safety by Systems

The COMBISAFE systems concept was developed over many years & now incorporates a vast range of product solutions, technical support, research & development projects, component testing, training, installation & consultancy service.

COMBISAFE height safety solutions can support the needs of a project at any stage; however an early involvement will permit the greatest flexibility of solution, and will always produce improved results practically, commercially, and in terms of safety.


The Combisafe business has been in operation since 1984 and throughout that time has strived to deliver not only the best in temporary collective protection at height within the construction industry but also superior customer service and technical support.

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