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Nordbygg 2016- another resounding success for COMBISAFE

Nordbygg 2016 was another resounding success for Combisafe and a perfect platform on which to meet customers and showcase our latest safety solutions for the construction sector.

The feedback that we have received reinforces the message that Combisafe remains the market’s leading go-to providers of temporary collective protection, and a trusted voice in what has become an increasingly regulated market.

Visitors to Northern Europe’s biggest industry expo got to see first-hand Combisafe’s product innovations, notably the integrated COMBISAFE Loading System MkII and the SkyReach Anchor – a versatile, overhead fall protection system that safeguards construction workers against falls from height.

By using the Loading System MkII with the SkyReach Anchor, construction teams can safely load or unload flatbed trailers and raised decks in yards or on work-sites. Visitors were impressed and got the opportunity to hear from the Combisafe team on how this integrated safety solution could be used extensively across the Nordic region to protect and enhance the safety of construction workers.

Other product highlights included the lightweight Steel Mesh Barrier Mark III, which meets a growing market demand for a lightweight, versatile system that can be easily and safely transported or positioned in construction sites.

And last but not least, there was an opportunity to hear about two other important products shaping the market – the Counterweight System, which provides freestanding, ergonomic and secure temporary edge protection for flat-roof applications, and the UBIX Roofing System, which offers a versatile, temporary weather protection and can be supported on any type of scaffold.

Around 48,000 visitors attended the expo over four intensive days and for Combisafe it turned out to be as successful as the Nordic team had anticipated.

“The footfall was excellent; customer feedback was really positive and we got to demonstrate our products and services to a huge number of interested end users,” said Mats Bergvall, general manager for Combisafe’s Nordic region.

“We registered a significant number of new leads from exhibiting at the show, which has already generated new business. Time and resources well invested.”