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Framed Barrier System

The new Framed Barriers offer a simpler, stronger and more contemporary alternative to the more traditional option of guardrails and toeboards, which have the disadvantage of needing many component parts, as well as having to replace and dispose of timber rails between jobs.

Available in two options, the Framed Rail Barriers or Framed Mesh Barriers are suitable for all types of construction work; steel, concrete or timber. When used in conjunction with COMBISAFE® Safety Posts and Extension Holder, they can be conveniently raised and lowered to accommodate concrete pours or installations.

  • Complete solution with integral handrail and toeboard
  • Lightweight
  • Complies with EN 13374 Class A
  • Framed Rail Barrier has top rail, intermediate guardrail and toeboard in one
  • Framed Mesh Barrier incorporates top rail and toeboard as well as steel mesh for increased containment
  • Fits Safety Posts 1102 & 2000 as well as the Adjustable Safety Post 1140 with Extension Holder 1150
  • More sustainable and cost-effective in the long term than timber rails and toeboards
  • Light, quick and easy to install, dismantle and re-erect
  • Tidy and professional finish
  • Good work-through possibilities and easy access to building edges
  • Framed Rail Barrier simplifies work on building edges as rebars can be pushed unhindered outside the guardrail
  • Safer than wooden rails and no need for nails
  • Easily stacked in boxes for transporting or storing vertically