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Net Barrier System

A flexible edge protection for roof construction

Our Net Barrier System offers a flexible edge protection solution in line with the latest European Standards.

It will readily follow the curves of standing seam roofs and can easily accommodate steep valley gutters, long verge overhangs, inboard and trim line gutters and the large bays found in modern warehouse construction. Net Barrier System can be used with a range of materials and construction techniques, including Steel ?I? beam and square hollow sections, concrete columns, and timber. It not only protects the roofers from falls, but also prevents debris falling on those working below, and, when combined with internal safety netting provides a secure envelop within which workers can operate with complete confidence.

Regulations and Standards

The Net Barrier System has been rigorously tested to confirm its performance envelope, application limits, and its compliance with the European Standard. Full performance information is available within the user instructions and on the training courses. 100mm Mesh Safety Nets compliant to EN 1263-1 are used as standard. The system is designed to accommodate extreme wind loads, and the combined working and wind loads required within the standard.


  • Spans up to 10m between intermediate supports in its standard form, readily accommodating the large bay sizes common in modern warehouse construction
  • Covers large overhangs of over 1.5m, combining the fall arrest needs of the overhang with the edge protection provision
  • Ensures a feeling of security and confidence within the roofers, and restricts their ability to operate outside their agreed method statements
  • Includes a wide range of attachment options, accommodating many different building methods and structures.
  • Not only protects the roofers from falls, but also offers a high degree of material containment and protection for those working below.
  • Designed to be connected to the internal safety nets, thus providing a complete envelop within which the roofer can work in safety
  • Small individual component size makes the system easy to transport, and also easy to install in complex access locations
  • Clearly documented training and proof of competence, inspection procedures, traceability, and quality control as required for all safety critical equipment