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Steel Mesh Barrier Lightweight

Honeywell Combisafe has worked with our customers and listened to the needs of the industry to introduce a new version of our popular Steel Mesh Barrier (SMB) and brings to the market a new lightweight version.

The Lightweight barrier has been developed to offer a safety system for almost every challenging construction environments. The flexibility of the application allows for it to be used on the ground or at height and at any stage of a construction project. With a variety of attachments, the Lightweight barrier can be used in a variety of environments.

The innovative design of the new handrail gives exceptional strength to the new Lightweight barrier.  This allows the rest of the mesh to be lighter, more flexible and greater impact absorbing than the previous version, but keeping the well-known durability of the Combisafe barriers even when used on harsh environments.

Class ABC

Class A

  • Combines guardrails, toeboard and debris mesh in one product
  • Steel mesh protection with impact-absorbing capacity
  • Closed and returned toeboard for greater debris containment
  • Returned top edge with no sharp edges
  • Reinforced side bars for enhanced durability
  • Lightweight, versatile system for speedy erection
  • Adjustable height with no need for disassembly
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Available in square and circular variants, the Steel Mesh Barrier system attachments and posts are compatible with most types of structures
  • Wide range of attachments for every building application
  • Automated manufacturing process for maximum strength
  • High toeboard for additional protection
  • Fully compatible with the previous barriers and barrier system


  • Fully compliant with EN 13374 class ABC
  • Dense mesh construction to help reduce debris from falling
  • 14.2 kg (for 2.6m version)


  • Fully compliant with EN 13374 class A
  • Large mesh to make the barrier the lightest possible and allow small work through the barrier
  • 12.2 kg (for 2.6m version)