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Steel Mesh Barrier Stair

Temporarily protecting the edges of stairways during construction has previously been complicated and expensive.

The varied nature of the stairs, landings, and returns, often required many cut tubes, sharp ends, and much purpose built protection. The Steel Mesh Barrier Stair has been designed to solve these problems, offering a systemised solution that can stand alone or integrate with the Steel Mesh Barrier system.

? Provides continuous edge protection to a run of stairs
? Complies with EN 13374 Class A
? Toeboard is integrated for ease and speed of installation
? Can be lifted up, using the Steel Mesh Barrier Holder, to allow works to the edge of the stair
? Single panel component can be used on either side of the stair
? Smooth top frame to act as a banister
? Robust and durable framed units for long life and great return on investment