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Safety Nets

Horizontal safety nets are used as collective protections in building and assembly works, as devices to prevent people or objects from falling while constructing buildings, industrial premises, warehouses, bridges, etc.

 Art no.  Description
CT1150206 Safety Net Size 5m x 5m
CT1150306 Safety Net Size 5mx 7.5m
CT1150406 Safety Net Size 5m x 10m
CT1151006 Safety Net Size 7.5m x 15m
CT1151506 Safety Net Size 10m x 12.5m
CT1122201 Tie Line Size 2.5m
CT1122301 Tie Line Size 5.0m
  • Prevents persons or objects from falling to the ground
  • Prevents persons or objects on the ground from being hit by falling objects
  • Complies to EN1263-2
  • Lightweight, 0.2 kg/m2
  • Knotless design with high energy absorption
  • Test cords attached to each net for use in yearly quality testing
  • Can be attached traditionally with tie lines. If attaching to steel beams use the new Grippa solution for quick installation. A bolted attachment, the Elephant hook, also provides quick fixing and adjusting of the net
  • Standard sizes in stock, almost any design can be manufactured to order