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The SCAFFSTEP is a light weight step device, enabling a scaffolder to erect or dismantle guardrails on the lift above, whilst protected by that lift?s ledger. The SCAFFSTEP is clipped onto the working level top guardrail at any position, and its adjustable feet bear on the boards.

The integral ladder provides access to the platform, use a retractable lanyard to provide protection whilst accessing it. Once standing on the SCAFFSTEP, the scaffolder is protected from falling out of the scaffold by the ledger of the lift above, now acting as his single guardrail. He can then reach up in perfect safety and either attach, or release the guardrails to the lift above, which are now within reach. The SCAFFSTEP can be used with traditional tube and fitting scaffolding, and also with many types of system scaffold using tubular ledgers. The adjustable feet accommodate various guardrail heights and keep the platform level.

  • Integral ladder for safe access to the platform
  • Can accommodate up to 150kg on the non-slip top platform
  • Lightweight but durable construction for ease of use and long life
  • Ladder folds flat for easy transport and storage
  • Spring claws securely grip the top guardrail, and yet are readily released when required
  • Adjustable hinged feet accommodate varying guardrail heights, and offer secure footing on the boards
  • Complies with EN 131
  • Personal Fall Prevention solution as recommended within SG4:10