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Hanging Platform

Platform solution for difficult to access structures

The COMBISAFE® Hanging Platform offers a modular, quickly installed, working platform system, that can be fixed around the outer perimeter of structures, allowing high level access without the need to restrict the area below by building a scaffold for example.

This light weight system comprises a console, which is suspended or attached to the structure using a range of supports, into which a boardwalk is fixed to create a walkway. The consoles also support Safety Posts and Barriers from the edge protection system on the outside of the walkway.

The system has a wide range of support options, to accommodate all manner of different structures. The light weight, relatively small components also make the system suitable for installation in difficult access areas, like bridges and viaducts. The heaviest single item only weighs 25kg.

Flexible Solution

The COMBISAFE® Hanging Platform system is often used in places where a floor mounted scaffold would restrict other activities, or would be too expensive. As it is installed at a high level it limits unauthorised access and therefore offers improved building security.

The system has great flexibility to fit many building shapes. The overlapping boardwalk allows easy adjustment of the support centres with no step or trip at the joint. There are corners, and even self-closing gates to control the point of access. The Boardwalk has an integral toeboard, and there is a screw-in stop-end to complete the protection.

The maximum load permissable on the walkway is 200kg/m2, and the maximum span between consoles is 2.4m. There is a Cantilever Platform system for direct attachment to slab edges. This is used to provide local passage around wall forms etc.


Technical Information

  • Maximum span between consoles is 2.4m
  • Maximum load on the platform is load Class 3 in EN12811-1
  • Maximum load permissable on the walkway is 200kg/m2
  • Maximum 100kg point load

  • Creates a working platform around the edge of structures
  • Wide range of attachments available
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Adaptable for different situations
  • Adjustable in height
  • Guardrail, toeboard and work platform in one system
  • Preassembled on the ground
  • Lightweight for ease of transportation
  • Restricts unauthorised access
  • The Hanging Platform has been tested and approved in accordance with AFS 1990:12 and EN12811-1