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UBIX® Runway System

Safe assembly and deployment for temporary roofs

A complete system of tracks, wheels and roof supports offering permanent anti-uplift protection.

RUNWAY enables temporary roofs to be erected in complete safety using the roll-out method. By mounting the temporary roof on the RUNWAY system, all erection work can be carried out from safe working platforms at a gable end, from which fully-assembled roof bays are rolled out easily into position along the track. Opening roofs for craning through materials also becomes much safer and easier using RUNWAY.

  • Eliminates the need to work at height as temporary roof is erected from a working platform at the gable end.
  • Built-in anti-lift feature allows safe movement even in windy weather
  • Simple locking screws firmly secure the castors to the track when movement is not required.
  • The RUNWAY system allows for the opening of roofs for craning through materials.
  • Castors move easily along RUNWAY system and even large roofs can be opened and closed with minimal effort in minutes