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UBIX® Tension Bar

The UBIX Tension Bar is a structural addition to the standard roof which links from side-to-side with a series of pre-fabricated high tensile steel tubes, joined with standard UBIX beam spigots. The UBIX Tension Bar eliminates the need to make ad-hoc solutions using standard tube-andfittings and eliminates excessive erection work, saving on labour cost.

Typically it is specified by the designer to reduce the side thrust caused by dead and snow loads, which can lead to unacceptably high pull out forces on the scaffold anchors.

 Art no.  Description  Weight
 16300000  Tension Bar Connector  1.2
 16300001  Tension Bar Locking Pin & R-Clip  0.2
 16310001  Tension Bar End Piece Beam 0.45m  9.0
 16310002  Tension Bar End Piece Beam 0.78m  12.4
 16320002  Tension bar Type 2  9.0
 16320003  Tension bar Type 3  13.5
 16320006  Tension Bar Type 6  27.0
 30100003  R Clip 30mm  0.1