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Charite Berlin


Combisafe keeps Charité Berlin renovation in good health

As part of a €202 million refurbishment of the Charité Berlin hospital building in Germany, COMBISAFE supplied a comprehensive safety solution combining edge protection in the form of Steel Mesh Barriers and Framed Barriers as well as fall protection with the Safety Net Fans.

Combining guardrail, toeboard and steel mesh in one, more than 450 Steel Mesh Barriers were installed by main contractor Ed. Züblin AG around the open lift shaft and supply gates to protect workers from falls inside the building. For the external façade replacement, a series of Framed Barriers enabled repair works to continue whilst the edge protection remained in place.

To complete the safety specification, six Safety Net Fans were applied on the West façade and an additional eight with corner fans were installed on the East façade – protecting workers below from falling objects during deconstruction of the building’s old precast façade elements.