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City Labs


Combisafe delivers floor soffit safety solution at flagship City Labs development

At the flagship redevelopment of Manchester Royal Eye Hospital into the Citylabs biomedical centre of excellence, COMBISAFE combined its POWER POST and double height Steel Mesh Barriers to create a unique floor to soffit safety system that would deliver full height containment.

Suitable for heights between 2.7 and 4.2 metres, the COMBISAFE POWER POST fixes between concrete floors and soffits without anchors to provide safe and rapid installation of edge protection. Its unique compression unit applies a force of up to 7.0 kN, providing EN 13374 compliant performance and easy fitting and adjustment even with double height Steel Mesh Barriers in place.

For ease of use, the load indicator is clearly visible through the Steel Mesh Barrier and aids precise and rapid rigging when using a powered impact wrench. The POWER POST also offers a visual compression indicator to provide a built in safety check –ensuring the highest health and safety standards at this prestigious new development.

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