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Uppsala University


NCC, one of Sweden’s largest construction companies, turned to Combisafe to select a barrier system for a SEK 600 million building project at Scandinavia’s oldest academic institution: Uppsala University.


The company needed to find a way of attaching an edge protection system to the building’s delicate stone façade without damaging it. It also needed to keep installation times to a minimum to meet the project delivery deadlines while also ensuring maximum safety and ease-of-installation.

To face such challenges, Combisafe pre-welded around 108 Anchor Sockets, which supported the system in each of the metre stone blocks, before the façade was actually assembled on site. Besides solving the problem of damaging the stone, this solution enabled NCC to install the net barrier easily and quickly during construction.

Combisafe also provided NCC with over 900 of its Framed Rail Barriers that, unlike traditional guardrails and toeboards, come with top rail, intermediate rail and toeboard all in one piece, enabling easy installation and movement around horizontal surfaces.

Additionally, NCC was able to use around 770 COMBISAFE Anchor Sockets together with the Adjustable Safety Post and Framed Barriers to ensure quick installation.

Whereas safety posts are normally fixed in place, COMBISAFE Adjustable Safety Posts enabled NCC to quickly adjust the barriers upwards or downwards according to the workers’ needs without having to detach the barrier from the post and then move it each time.