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COMBISAFE Services include full Technical Support with drawing and design integration capacity, and bespoke design for unique problems requiring individual solutions.

For over 30 years COMBISAFE has been working in partnership with the international construction industry to develop a comprehensive range of on-site safety systems. Industry leading safety is one thing, but we understand that our customers demand more from their investment which is why we provide a specialist engineering and design service from the outset. Not only does this allow us to ensure that our systems exactly meet your safety needs, but also that they offer genuine value too.

In addition to this, we also offers access to a network of specialist expertise, after-sales care and training through our field service team. To assist with your long term commitment to safety at height, COMBISAFE also offers training courses, demonstrations and practical exercises at our safety centre

The training is best accessed through one of the Safety Centres, which combines product display and system demonstration on an enclosed and weather proof three-storey frame, together with high quality meeting rooms and catering.